Bethan Morgan-Williams is a Welsh composer based in Montgomeryshire. She composes instrumental, vocal and electronic music for people of all ages and abilities, finding motivation through the simple urge to provide performers with new and exciting music. Described as “marvellously oblique and obscure” [5against4] while being “rooted in something ancient and folky” [The Telegraph], Bethan’s music is fluid and expressive. 

Sheet music is available to purchase though the online shop as hard copies or as downloadable PDFs. Composing, arranging, type-setting and teaching enquiries are all welcome, please use the contact form to get in touch.


14 July 2020, Llandyssil

Datod, for violin and piano, received its premiere in Cologne yesterday. Performers Hannah Weirich and Ulrich Löffler absolutely blew me away with two(!) fabulous performances. A recording of the second performance, which was especially moving, can be accessed via this post.

12 June 2020, Llandyssil

A new piece! One, Two, Bakerloo... is for solo violin and was premiered on Youtube by Fenella Humphreys, 10 June 2020. The video is still available to stream and can be accessed via this post.

4 June 2020, Llandyssil

February saw the second performance of Double Double by Equilibrium Ensemble in Liverpool. I've been waiting for a good opportunity to release the live recording from that concert and guess what? That time is now.

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“An exacting musician with very high standards and an exceptional ear. A pleasure to work with.”
Hilary Browing
Associate Principal Cello, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
“The best thing about working with Bethan is she knows exactly what she wants.”
Paul Silverhorne
Principal Viola, London Sinfonietta & former Principal Viola, London Symphony Orchestra
“It’s a pleasure to work with somebody who knows their music so well and who is so attentive.”
Daniel Agi
Flautist, hand werk & Das Neue Ensemble